The Mirror Effect: What Challenging People Can Teach You About, Well, You

The mirror effect can be a self-realization tool for us where we find the parts of ourselves within others and come to better understand ourselves when we do.

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Mastery Of The Mind: Look Within. Upgrade Old Patterns. And Turn Insight Into Action

It’s May at Soul Shine and we’re excited to spend Mental Health Awareness Month mastering our minds.  Whether you feel like a strong laser-focused sharpness within your mind, or you’ve got a bit of a “screaming toddler at the toy store” vibe going on, we’ll offer some things that help us keep our minds mastered.

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To Risk it All

What is it like to risk it all? What does that mean to you? Maybe for some its so easy, constantly taking that gamble and having luck on your side, for others it may not even be a word they like to hear. For me the past few weeks I have been pondering what it would be like to risk it all for LOVE.

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