Epiphanies: Where Vision, Struggle and Insight Meet To Transform Your Life


Epiphanies Big And Small

The work of changing old behavior patterns can be pretty daunting. You might want to quit, retreat back to your old comfortable ways.

But there are truly some amazing gifts to be found if you keep going on this journey.  One of those gifts, one you might find if your persevere, is the gift of an epiphany.

Unfortunately we can’t plan our strokes of insight like, “Oh, I think I’ll have my epiphany on Tuesday. Maybe around 3 PM. Need to be well caffeinated for it you know…”

And all joking aside, we may not want to. We may want our clarity to come when it is meant to come and to bring what it is meant to bring.

The fruit that comes from the labor of creating change in our lives, of upgrading our behavior patterns so they line up better with our vision for life, is that we begin to connect the dots and create meaning where there once seemed only chaos.


Epiphanies In Everyday Life: It’s Not Always Like A Movie

Sitting on a cliff overlooking miles of mountain ranges. Meditating on a beach in complete isolation. Writing diligently at a beautiful clear desk in the sun-rise hour. These all seem like quite lovely times to have an epiphany, and a huge one at that.

But the truth is, our daily little light bulbs can light us up with just as much joy as the small ones, if we allow it to happen that way.

Unlike a movie where the epiphany drives the character to act boldly and go get the girl or run the race or create the change-making thing, our daily epiphanies may be subtle strokes of insight that move us forward or give us permission to release what doesn’t serve us anymore.

“Oh, that’s why I do that.”

“That’s why his arrogance is so annoying to me.”

“So it couldn’t have happened any other way.”
If these small moment sound familiar to you, you’ve already experienced an epiphany an experience where something is seen in a new light.


Epiphanies When You Have Space And Quiet

Some find that when they have space to process all the mental and emotional or life changes they’ve created they experience epiphanies. They might give themselves some space and quiet to reflect on what has gone on, to check in with themselves, and to just exhale. For some of us, this is where we find our moments of clarity. But it’s not always that way for each of us.


But Epiphanies Are Not Always  A Result Of Ease

For some, epiphanies are a result of enduring a challenge, pain, or a struggle. They come as a sort of mile marker for growth and show us that we’re heading in the right direction. They clarify our progress toward our vision or illuminate our path forward from where we are.

Regardless of whether your epiphany comes from struggle or ease, being open to the clarifying light and change-making realizations is key. Once you have that clarity it’s time to move forward.


Epiphanies Can Upgrade Your Action

It would be quite easy to hope for a constant stream of epiphanies to flood us with great feelings, clarity, and joy.

But, as with most other things, we have the chance to do more than simply feel a realization.

When we take our epiphanies and create even greater change in our lives or use them to upgrade our lives and experiences, even our feelings just a bit further, we might just be rewarded with a more lovely life, experiences that bring us closer to our vision, and challenges from which we can grow closer to our loved ones and ourselves.
A realization is lovely and a realization with action that follows can be transformative.


A Final Word On Epiphanies

While we all hope to have epiphany-style moments of clarity, we may not always know where to even start when beginning to gain clarity, master our mind, and go after our vision.

If you’re ready to upgrade your behavior patterns and live a life that you design for yourself, we invite you to visit the Coaching page and learn about working with Courtney.

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