Mastery Of The Mind: Look Within. Upgrade Old Patterns. And Turn Insight Into Action

Mastery Of The Mind: Look Within. Upgrade The Patterns. And Turn Insight Into Action.


May At Soul Shine Is All About Your Mind.

It’s May at Soul Shine and we’re excited to spend Mental Health Awareness Month mastering our minds.  Whether you feel like a strong laser-focused sharpness within your mind, or you’ve got a bit of a “screaming toddler at the toy store” vibe going on, we’ll offer some things that help us keep our minds mastered.

This Is Not A Psych Class, Soul Shiners!

While we may give you some basic details so you know how things work, don’t worry,  we’re not getting to textbook-level-technical this month. But we are going to give you some things you can use to uplevel your mind and your life. So let’s get to it.

This month we’ll share some ways you can break free of old behavior patterns that may be doing more harm than good in your life.  

Ready To Upgrade Those Behavior Patterns? We’re Here To Help.

Always feeling overwhelmed? Not making time for self-care? Still holding on to that bad habit from college? Feeling a procrastination pattern coming back? Self-sabotage in full swing? Just not feeling like yourself? Feeling less present?  Is your inner voice a negative record on repeat?

The great news: You can break out of each of these feelings.

The even better news: We’ve got you. We hear you. And we’re here to help with practical, thoughtful ways to do just that.


Looking To Grow? Look Within.

Then we’ll go to the next level and explore the mirror effect. Feeling annoyed by someone who do “that thing I can’t stand!” Getting your feelings hurt and aren’t sure why it keeps happening? Playing the compare and despair game and losing? The mirror effect can give you insight into this behavior pattern and how you can change things up.


What’s It Like To Have Sparks Of Insight? Epiphanies Can Light The Way.

Finally, we’ll give you a glimpse of epiphanies, which are just one of the benefits that arise from taking the reins of your own mind. And since insight without action isn’t nearly as helpful, we’ll delve into how self-realization can play a role in the ripple effects we’re able to create in our lives and the lives of others.

What Will May Be Like For You? You Get To Decide To Master Your Mind.

Whether you choose to get to work using these ideas in your own life, offer them to loved ones, or simply take some space to reflect on how you’ve already experienced them, these tools and reflections are sure to be useful to you this May and beyond.


Let’s Connect And Master Our Minds Together!

So, now you know where we’re heading and we hope you’ll come along with us this month.  May is all about finding ways we can consciously master our minds. We invite you to take time this month to consider how these concepts resonate with you and how they show up in your life. We’d also love to invite you to visit our store and explore our offerings on the website.

Wherever May takes you, we can’t wait to connect with you along the way!