June At SoulShine Is All About The Blue: Ask The Right Questions To Break Through The Imbalance In Your Throat Chakra

June At SoulShine Is All About The Blue: The Throat Chakra and Communication

Last week we told you all about our June focus on Communication. You got some information on  the throat chakra, a little bit about the power of blue and some questions for reflection.

This week we’re taking the work a bit deeper to explore some of the challenges that relate to our throat chakra and we’re going to give you some amazing questions to ask yourself so that you can really make the most of this month.

So let’s get started.

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First Thing’s First: Let’s Review The Throat Chakra

As we noted last week Blue is the color of communication and the throat chakra governs communication. You’ve probably heard the term “true blue” and you know it means someone is loyal, calm, enduring, tactful, and worthy of your trust. These aspects of the color lend themselves beautifully to the throat chakra because it governs our communication and when we’re properly balanced we’re speaking to others in ways that are calm, tactful, and truthful.

As we explore the challenges that may arise from the throat chakra being out of alignment, see if you resonate with any of them. This may be a great time to jot down notes about how these issues or ideas land with you. How do these challenges mirror things you’ve felt or experienced? How are they different?

What Challenges Do You Face When Our Throat Chakra Is Not Aligned?

There are physical and emotional symptoms of throat chakra imbalance to be aware of. Asking some simple questions can help you determine if you might be dealing with a chakra imbalance. Here are some questions to ask about your physical wellbeing:

  • Do you find yourself getting a sore throat often?

  • Do you get frequent or intense headaches?

  • Do you have intense or chronic Neck pain?

  • Do you find yourself with a hoarse voice?

  • Do you lose your voice often or suffer from laryngitis?

While chronic issues or even one-time but severe issues are worthy of a doctor’s visit, they’re also potential signs that your throat chakra may be imbalanced.

How about these emotional symptoms?

  • Have you always feared speaking (in public or even with a few others)?

  • Do you have social anxiety, feel detached, or experience trouble when trying to express your thoughts or feelings?

  • Have you found that you aren’t truly yourself when you communicate?

  • Do you have trouble speaking your truth honestly?

Anxiety, nervousness, insecurity, and fear when it comes to creating and communicating can be signs that you may be dealing with an imbalance in your throat chakra.

Whether your symptoms are physical or mental and emotional, you may find yourself wondering if there’s something truly wrong with you. The answer is a resounding “no”.  There’s nothing wrong with you, but you might benefit from balancing your throat chakra and exploring how you experience and overcome the imbalances that you discovered.


Ask The Right Questions To Break Through The Imbalance In Your Throat Chakra

So, if you found that you resonated with the challenges listed above it might be helpful to have some questions to ask yourself as you explore how to make changes in your life.

One important thing to note about asking questions is that our brains are always ready to find evidence to answer the questions we ask. This means we will be best served by asking questions that empower us rather than those that make us feel flawed or unhappy. Let’s look at some examples:

If you’re having trouble with public speaking you might ask yourself:
“Why can’t I do this?”  And your mind will try to find all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t do public speaking. You gave it a job, and it will come through.

So, let’s say you have that same public speaking challenge but you choose “How can I get more practice with my public speaking?”  or “How I can I get better at public speaking?”. Now you’re brain is off on that same fact finding mission to answer questions that might actually solve your problem.

Let’s look at some other helpful questions for you to use when you're having trouble balancing your throat chakra:

  • What kind of communication am I naturally good at?

  • What ways do I like to communicate?”

  • How can I listen more effectively?

  • How can I get my creative energy flowing?

  • How can I best express my current feeling?

  • How can I be my true self when I speak with this person?

  • Where can  I work on my communication skills to grow my confidence or relationships?

When you ask yourself questions you’ll love the answers to, you become more creative and passionate about the answers you find. You can fall in love with working on yourself as you ask the questions that allow you to truly understand yourself  more fully.

I Want More! Where Can You Go To Seek Help With My Communication and Throat Chakra Balance?

While questions are a great place to start, you may be ready to do more work in the area of communication. From Crystal bowls, to essential oils, to coaching, to reiki, to massage the Soul Shine Crystals family has got you covered when you’re ready to address a chakra imbalance or ready to grow from the inside out.

Check out the Soul Sessions section on our website to learn about all of our offerings and to book your sessions today.

We can’t wait to meet you!