Soul Sessions To Help Foster Throat Chakra Balance And Communication Growth

Title June Wrap Up: Soul Sessions To Help Foster Throat Chakra Balance And Communication Growth

Hey Soul Shiners! We Love Helping You Elevate Your Life

This week we wanted to wrap up our month-long focus on communication by introducing you to some of the modalities we use at our Avon-By-The-Sea location.

While we won’t touch on everything our Candy Store For The Soul has to offer, we will spend time exploring the modalities that most closely relate to your throat chakra, your communication ability, and ways to grow and find balance when it comes to communication.

Last week we dove in to expressing your “Hell Yes” and  we hope that allowed you to begin to explore ways to explore the difference between a “should do” and a “want to”.

One of the greatest feelings Courtney and the Soul Shine team has is the joy of helping others remove old blockages that might hinder them from speaking their truth. If you’ve ever experienced a moment of clarity you know the feeling of a burden being lifted from your shoulders, to bliss of an “Aha” moment, and the calming peaceful relaxation of knowing that you are living in your truth.

At SoulShine we offer many methods for finding balance in your life from essential oils to crystal bowls, to reiki, to EFT, you’ll find yourself well cared for here and that’s just the beginning.

Soul Sessions: Ways That You Communicate And Connect To Your True Self (And How We Can Help)

We call our services Soul Sessions and that’s no coincidence: They really do provide moments of rejuvenation, tranquility, unblocking, clarity and balance for the soul. Today we’ll share about a few of our services and let you know how you can get started if any (or all) of them resonate with you.

Crystal Energy Healing

This offering works with the aura ( your human energy field) The crystals can absorb, direct, and diffuse the energy within your body. The crystal energy healing we offer allows the body to find balance and involved placing stones at crucial points along the physical body. This Soul Session can restore energy, release stress, enhance healing potential, stimulate the energy flow within our bodies, release unwanted energy and enhance spiritual development.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist Andreas is a true delight. He’s worked at high end spas but finds his work here at Soul Shine to be far more rewarding. His typical massages are 90-120 minutes and he uses massage as a healing treatment for body and soul.(Andreas can make 60 minute appointments happen, he just prefers more time for the truly transformative process of healing…) For those who find that their chakras are not in balance and are experiencing physical or spiritual challenges as a result: Andreas may be your new favorite guy. We know he’s ours!

Sound Bathing

If you’ve never had a sound bath, you’re in for something truly divine. This Soul Session allows for mental and emotional cleansing just like a physical bath does for the body.  And while you aren’t lathering, rinsing, and repeating, you will find your body renewed and relaxed during this session as well. We’d invite you to allow yourself to embrace this as a way to explore your energy and aura as the sounds wash over you and provide a harmony and balance you’ll only find in that moment.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT as we call it is a Soul Session unlike any other. It addresses the physical, etheric, mental, wisdom, and bliss bodies we call home. Acupuncture without needles, this combination of Eastern Medicine and Western Psychology addresses our body’s energy disruption by using taps on the various body parts, eye movement, and field therapy.

As we tap, we do so with the purpose of diffusing emotion and clearing it away. While that’s the simplest explanation, it gives you a sense of the Body and Soul Session you’d have to look forward to. Using various EFT techniques we explore the core issue by stripping away the layers that conceal it. That means that these sessions can feel intense and powerful because they are truly transformational.

Whether you’re holding on to physical or psychological trauma or are just ready for change, this technique may help you begin to explore the blocks and strengths you possess within yourself.

Courtney calls these sessions  “current life regression” because you are exploring what can hold you back as you move toward what can make you feel free.

To Learn more about EFT check out our website here.


A Final Note On June, Communication, and Our Soul Sessions

It’s been an amazing month for communication and clarity here at Soul Shine and we invite you to visit our store in Avon or our website here to explore our previous blogs, our current services and Soul Sessions, and Courtney’s amazing coaching offerings as well.

We hope you have an amazing week and we’ll see you in July!