Are You Ready To Welcome the June Energy?


Check Out Your Soul Shine Crystals’ Prescription And Energy Overview For The Month of June!

This month’s energy is all about communication. When you hear “communication” you might think about how we talk to others but you might be happiest when you think about how you listen as well. Understanding the perspective of others and thinking about the many ways people might see the same thing can help us to make our communication even stronger.

Crystal Prescription

Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Blue Apatite

When using crystals near the throat such as a pendant this can encourage you to communicate your personal truth, speak from the heart, and express clarity.


Chakra Focus

This month we’re finding our focus in the Vishuddha Chakra. You’ll probably recognize it as the throat chakra. June’s focus on communication is perfectly aligned with the throat chakra as the aspiration of the throat chakra is to communicate in healthy and positive ways and to understand others.  

Have you been prone to gossip lately? Shouting more often? Talking more than you listen? Afraid to speak up? Unsure of what to say? You may have an imbalance in your throat chakra.

Try a soothing humming breath, a lion’s pose (for our yoga-lovers), and journal about our monthly mantras and messages below. Whether you’re using breath work, movement, or contemplation to reach your throat chakra, you’ll find yourself more calmly communicating this month when you do.  

When your throat chakra is properly aligned you'll find your communication and creativity are improved and you’ll be ready for that public speaking engagement too. This chakra allows for the development of our inner voice and allows our body (especially our voice and face) to become more expressive.


This Month’s Energetic Color

The color for this month is blue. The ocean is an excellent example of this month’s color: peace, calm truth, tranquility are all represented in those clear blue waves. Even in our dreams we may find the ocean to be the bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind. The violent ocean representing our resistance of connection, a calm sea indicating acceptance and tranquility. This month’s color, blue, is always inviting us to think more deeply, connect more truly, and explore the places where the rough sea might be masking something we need to give more attention to.

Messages And Mantras

Looking to integrate a mantra or affirmation into your month? As we focus on communication this month you may find these to be helpful:

I always speak the truth.
I communicate in healthy and honest ways.

I strive to understand others as much as I strive to be understood.


Ready to take the work deeper?

We’re right there with you!

When you have a conversation with someone and you’re not seeing eye to eye, imagine putting yourself in someone else's body for a moment, how do they feel about what you’re discussing?

How does this exercise enhance your ability to talk to them about it?

Do you “need to be right” right now? Is there only one right answer?

This month is full of awesome chances to address your throat chakra and enhance your whole-hearted communication.

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