Soul Shine Deep Dive: The Solar Plexus Chakra

This month’s chakra color is yellow and ties in perfectly with our solar plexus. Our solar plexus is our creative center. The solar plexus is the place from which we create our experiences. e create, we start new projects, we create events or occasions we can enjoy on our own or with friends, and we design lives we love. Today we’ll take a look at some important things to know about your solar plexus and how to tap into that part of yourself to create unforgettable memories for you and those you love.

First Things First: What To Know About Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Your Manipura chakra (as it’s called in Sanskrit) is related to the fire element and is associated with a yellow or golden hue. This chakra is often associated with tiger’s eye, citrine, and yellow tourmaline among others and you might find Chamomile, rosemary and other soothing oils when you look for essential oils related to this chakra.

How Do I Know If My Solar Plexus Is Out Of Balance?

Do you feel overbearing or powerless? Feeling on either extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to power is a sure sign you need to balance this chakra.

Are you being manipulative or misusing your abilities or control?

Whether conscious or unconscious, trying to control or manipulate others is a sign of an issue with our solar plexus and balancing it out might just give us better results than when we came at an issue from the manipulative standpoint.

Are you feeling unmotivated or lost and stuck?

When we aren’t fully owning who we are or what we’re capable of we can confuse that with actual confusion. But if we balance our solar plexus we’ll find that our abilities and our conscious efforts draw us closer to what we’re truly meant to do and take us out of that “sticky”  lost feeling.

What Does The Solar Plexus Have To Do With Conscious Community And Connection?

When our solar plexus is balanced we can begin to realize that we’re  ready to connect more deeply with others. Since our solar plexus is the place from which we realize our plans and ideas, it’s no wonder balancing this chakra makes it easier to plan experiences and move toward community with others.

Our solar plexus is the seat of our power. When we decide that our will is to create a community that we can call our own, we’ll feel a stronger sense of clarity. We can become more self-assured, independent, and powerful from the conscious creation of our communities and we can move forward in our fullest truth from that place. Our solar plexus, when properly balanced, reminds us  to use our wisdom to connect with others. It gives us license to set the direction for our lives and to foster our aspirations into amazing realities.

How Can I Find More Help WIth My Solar Plexus?

Ready to get that Manipura balanced? Come on into our store this month to learn more about your solar plexus chakra and to explore the services and products we have to get you ready to step confidently into a life you designed and love.