Soul Shine Coaching Ripple Effect: Friendship And Creating Community Consciously

Soul Shine Coaching Ripple Effect: Friendship And Creating Community Consciously

This week we’re talking all things friendship and we’re using our monthly theme of creating community and connection consciously to take a deeper dive at some common challenges you might face as you decide to find your people.

In our post today you’ll find three common issues and some questions to ask if those issues resonate with you. Remember: You’re asking these questions of yourself first and giving it all you’ve got to answer them honestly. That’s the surest path to understanding yourself fully and balancing that amazing solar plexus chakra of yours.

Let’s get to it!

When You Say, “My Friends Are So Dramatic!”

Ask Yourself:

What makes me think of my friends as dramatic?

How am I part of the drama? If I don’t think I am, what role do I play in their lives?
Are my friends helping me to grow as a person? How are they? How might they not be?

Which relationships do  I give the most energy to? How do I show up in those relationships?

What are my main personal relationships (feel free to list them)? For each of these relationships, what is the main thought or main feeling I experience? Do I like all of my answers?

Reflecting on my list of relationships: Would I choose to be in community with these people again? If they’re family: Would I choose them as my people if they weren’t? Why?

When You Say, “I Don’t Have That Much In Common With Them Anymore.”

Ask Yourself:

What did we have in common before?

What do we have in common now?
How have  I grown since beginning this relationship?
How has the other person grown since beginning this relationship?
Is this relationship allowing me to continue growing? Is it challenging me? Is that challenge worthy of my time or just creating unneeded difficulty without true growth?

What would it look like for me to have things in common with this person/group of people? Is that vision in line with the plans and vision I have for my best life?

Are there people that I now have more in common with? Do I want to grow closer to those people?
Is this person presenting me with any lessons as I reflect on our relationship? What might the lesson or lessons be?

When You Say, “ I Don’t Even Know How To Find People Like Me.”

Ask Yourself:

In what ways have I already tried to find my people or community? (Feel free to make a list)

When was the last time I gave something from that list a try? Did I try once and give up?

What is my vision of an awesome community of people?
What are “my people” doing right now?
What music do they listen to? What events do they go to? What are their pastimes, favorite activities, or hobbies?

Who do I know who might be able to introduce me to people like me?

Would volunteering allow me to find my people? How about going to a meetup or other local events?

What would I be doing if I found my people today? What plans would we be making together?

How would we help each other grow?

When you answer these questions you’ll probably create some more questions of your own. That’s totally natural! As you get better at asking yourself questions you can grow from, you’ll be more aligned with who you are and what you want. This is an amazing way to balance your solar plexus chakra and a great start on your journey to consciously creating your tribe.

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