Soul Shine Deep Dive: July’s Monthly energy

July is a power-packed energy month and a month to say Happy Birthday to all of our Cancers out there! Whether we just shouted out your sign or not, as you continue to create those conscious connections and enjoy time with family and friends, be sure to check in with how the monthly energy is impacting you.

Mercury Is In Retrograde  from the 9th to the 30th

Mercury Retrograde gets a bad wrap. Of course it could flare up some old energies but it’s not all bad news and miscommunication. This can also give us the space and time to reflect on how some of the things we thought we resolved might not be so cut and dry or dead and gone. Are there things you thought you’d resolved that still bite at your heels from time to time? Don’t be surprised if those make a guest appearance again this month. All in all, Mercury Retrograde is a time for growth and to tie up and address those loose ends and unresolved challenges you might have been trying so eagerly to ignore.

There’s a Powerful Solar Eclipse This Month

Solar Eclipses are awesome energy events and the solar eclipse this month is no different. It will bring with it the energy for creating health, wealth, and honor. It’s an awesome omen that can bring your tribe together, especially if you’ve been looking for a chance  to bring some peace to a relationship. If you come to the eclipse with patience, good will and hard work, you’ll definitely come away with some amazing results. Keep an open mind during the solar eclipse and see how your perspective changes when that’s what you choose.

Never Forget: You Can Impact Your Own Energy

With Mercury in Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse coming to a sky near you, it might be easy to forget this month’s theme. But you didn’t think we’d really let that happen, did you?

Our final reminder as we wrap up our coverage of July’s energy is that you can impact your own energy. This month is about conscious connection and that includes feeling connected to your greatest energy source: You!

We encourage you to take some time this month to explore the ways you can expand your conscious understanding of your gifts and abilities and use that knowledge to foster deeper connections to others and to yourself.

Ready To Really Make Some Amazing Changes?

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