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July’s Theme: Creating Conscious Community And Connection

This month we’re focusing on how to create conscious connections and communities. Whether you’re someone who prefers small groups to big crowds or loves a big party where you can mix and mingle, there’s no doubt that we’re social creatures and we can truly learn a lot from one another. Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the energies within ourselves and our world and create a more conscious awareness around how we best connect to others.

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Are You Ready To Welcome the June Energy?

Are you ready to welcome the June Energy? Check out your Soul Shine Crystals’ prescription and energy overview for the month.

This month’s energy is all about communication. When you hear “communication” you might think about how we talk to others but you might be happiest when you think about how you listen as well. Understanding the perspective of others and thinking about the many ways people might see the same thing can help us to make our communication even stronger.

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Mastery Of The Mind: Look Within. Upgrade Old Patterns. And Turn Insight Into Action

It’s May at Soul Shine and we’re excited to spend Mental Health Awareness Month mastering our minds.  Whether you feel like a strong laser-focused sharpness within your mind, or you’ve got a bit of a “screaming toddler at the toy store” vibe going on, we’ll offer some things that help us keep our minds mastered.

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