October's Journey Through Death and Rebirth

This lunar cycle is all about October’s journey through death and rebirth. What parts of yourself are you experiencing the most pressure in? With the sun in Libra, there is a strong focus on relationships. Whether you are developing a stronger relationship with yourself or the world at large, these lessons will peak during the Aries full moon on October 13. The flames from Aries make for a dramatic mix with air sign Libra. While facing these changes may feel uncomfortable, a treasure chest awaits those who trust and surrender. October is urging and pushing us to level up as we advance. 

In times of rebirth, it is only through the extremities where a rough mineral is transformed to its peak state.

In times of rebirth, it is only through the extremities where a rough mineral is transformed to its peak state.

Mother nature has a subtle way of mirroring lessons to remind us of the reality we are capable of co-creating. We can also reflect on ourselves, with friends, or a life coach and ask these questions.

Are you excited about every aspect of your life? Do you wake up every morning feeling like everything is perfect? Does everything feel right in the world? It is often where we might feel powerless to write out our story. This is where I’m here to tell you that you are not a victim of external circumstances. Just as a diamond undergoes exponential pressure before presenting its final form, you can take the less desirable moments and rewrite them to fit your preferred narrative.

It’s all about taking it step by step and honoring each part of the process—the ugly and the beautiful. When you look at an amethyst geode or a layer formation of rock, it’s effortlessly clear, nothing happens overnight.

The life you are designing is comprised of each decision you make. Slowly, but surely you build from your foundation. Are you saying yes to projects that light up your soul? After all, whose yes is it really? How can you incorporate more of the life you desire into the daily aspects of your mornings? Just because you don’t reside in Hawaii (yet) doesn’t mean you can’t start living like you do.

Maybe this means making small changes in where you shop for groceries or giving yourself more time in the morning to walk in the park.

Applying these small yet attainable shifts bring you closer to calling in your manifestation while keeping you present in the moment. This is where the blend mixes… Visions, struggle and insight meet to transform your life.

As the Aries full moon approaches on October 13, there will be an amplification as this fire sign meets Libra’s air. This full moon urges us to take action. Is there a thought pattern that is no longer serving your greatest good? Maybe there is something you can add to represent the new life that is coming to form. Everything ties in when the sun moves into Scorpio at the end of October ushering the final reflection—What parts of ourselves can we let go of or are no longer needed?

This month can be really exciting for those who openly welcome change and are not worried about external opinions. For others, it could be a very challenging part of the story (especially with the sun in Libra) if you struggle with boundaries. The full moon is shining light on pieces that have lingered in the dark for far too long. Look at these parts… Let it glow and then let it go. Honor what was and give gratitude for the role it played in leading you to the next step.

Trust me, it can feel scary letting go of parts we have known for so long. Our ego doesn’t understand that through death comes rebirth. This is where the work comes in. Actively changing and playing as the co-creator of your reality requires trust, discipline, and accountability. Celestially, there’s a lot going on this month and it comes back to us on a micro/macro scale. Take this time to journal daily reflections and record any vivid dreams.

As October comes to an end, the spiritual veil will be at its thinnest. Halloween marks the timeline as a celebration of our ancestors and those who have played their part in creating the world that is before us. Tune into this fertile energy. The universe is reciprocating exactly what you have given earlier this month. Opportunity is flowing in as the new moon approaches on October 27. This is not a time to get attached to any success. Keep moving one step at a time and look within.

Mercury will be going retrograde on October 31. This creates space to reflect and revisit old projects and commitments. Don’t force anything or rush ahead. Pay attention to detail, re-read contracts, and take it slow. Remember, it is all about the small and attainable steps that add up over time.

Believe in the universe and embrace the wisdom you carry within. The more we own our story and actively play a part in writing it, the more comfortable others feel to do the same.

Share your struggles bravely because you never know who is going through the same thing. If you are experiencing a bumpy month with yourself or others, that’s also okay. You are being polished to shine as your best and most vibrant self. Seek out your community at Soulshine—a place of belonging.

Let’s Rewrite Our Story Together

Are you an entrepreneur or creative soul? Join us during our first Zoom meeting on November 4 as we meet to learn more about each others strengths and provide support. I must say, this tribe always plays a vital role in assisting the transformations I undergo. Keep in mind, healing is not linear and we have so much to learn from one another.

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