emotional freedom technique

If you haven’t quite figured it out, we are 100% energy and emotions are our most POWERFUL gift to navigate this world. Our bodies are our environment our soul inhabits, let’s keep it a healthy and happy one! From the time you entered this world to present day, there have been major or minor impacts and traumas that have literally implanted emotions into your body all the way down to a cellular level. Obviously not all emotions are negative, but it is the negative ones that we seem to hold onto and for some of us carried our whole lives. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) address these kind of emotions and does exactly what it states, frees them from the human bodies.

EFT address not just the physical body, but all FIVE Bodies that human beings hold. These are the Physical, Etheric, Mental, wisdom, and bliss bodies

Physical Body- This is pretty self explanatory. The physical body has the lowest vibration.

Etheric Body- is composed of the body’s subtle life-force energy prana, also known as chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The animating force behind every atom, cell, organ, and body system, prana coordinates every physiological activity, from the pumping of the heart to the elimination of waste. Imbalances or blocks within this energetic body greatly affect the overall function of the physical body. What’s more, the body’s subtle energy greatly influences the state of the mind, which is the next layer of self.

Mental Body- The third layer corresponds to your mind, emotions, and nervous system—expressed as streams of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Many of us have an overactive mind that wears on our nervous system and plays out through our emotions. Your mental body is also where we experience the five senses. It’s the sheath that allows us to receive, absorb, and process input from the world around us, governing our automatic responses and reflexes.

Wisdom Body- Beneath the constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and sensations (the processing, thinking, and reactive mind), lies an inner knowing and higher intelligence in your wisdom body. Your intuition, conscience, and the reflective aspects of your consciousness are all part of your wisdom body. Here, we develop our awareness and deeper insight into the nature of who we are and how we relate to the world around us.

Bliss Body- The deepest layer of our being is the core of our existence, your highest self or spirit, your bliss body is where you experience the unbounded freedom, expanse, and joyousness of your true nature. Connection with this body is like coming home. There’s a sense of peace and connectedness during which time ceases to exist and your consciousness expands beyond the limits of your body.

what is emotional freedom technique?

It is sorta like acupuncture with out the needles. Eastern medicine, meets western psychology. EFT addresses the energy disruption by using tapping on various parts of the body, speaking, eye movement, and thought field therapy. We tap on negative statements purposefully because we want you to diffuse the emotion and clear it. Sounds easy, right? It can be, BUT there are aspects to the core issue. So much like peeling back the layer of an onion, we will be peeling back the aspects that are circling the core issue, which can take a while. There are several different techniques we can use together to release old negative emotions that are still dwindling inside of you. If one technique isn’t working for you there are others that can be used. Sessions can get intense for individuals and this can be GREAT because it means it is working! You can feel the difference in your mind & body just after the first session.

Who is this soul session good for?

Are you carrying around old emotions and thought patterns that are weighing you down? Did something traumatic happen to you at some point in your life that you believe is currently affecting your lifestyle now? Have you gone through a major life change recently? Are you caught up in your own head? Do you live in fear of what other people think? These are just a few of the questions I would ask someone who can benefit from EFT. These sessions are great for individuals looking to do what I call a, “current life regression”. Please note, you should not have any fear in being vulnerable. I’m not here to judge you on how “messed up” your life might have been or still is (trust me, I have had many messed up moments in mine). My goal is to help free you from that emotion that is holding you back. If you are hesitant to feel or show emotions I'd still suggest you give us working together a try and let me work this magic on you. After our session together if you feel, “its not for me right now” You will still have the simple techniques you can take home with you to help you when you are feeling stuck although, I really believe you are going to love our sessions together.

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