Are you ready to recover naturally?


doTerra AromaTouch

YL Rain Drop Techniques

While both techniques are relaxing and detoxifying it is my opinion if you are looking for more of an uplifting, stress relieving treatment to have the AromaTouch performed. If you are looking to rid your immune system of junk and or spiritually detox, I recommend the Rain Drop. 

- application of essential oils on the entire spine and bottoms of feet.  Please note you do need to be undressed from the waist up for this procedure and your face will be in a face cradle.  Please note if Reiki decides to start coming through during your treatment will be receiving it, free of charge.  

  • AromaTouch (8 oils)- $75 30 min - 45min

  • Raindrop ( 9 oils) $95 45 min- 60 min