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The Wildness of Human Connection

Wildness, what does it mean? In its literal sense, is the quality of being wild or untamed. Beyond this, it has been defined as a quality produced in nature, as that which emerges from a forest, and as a level of achievement in nature.

So often I find individuals seeking truth and meaning in their lives when they walk into SoulShine. At times some of these people can feel alone. As they evolve material items and people in their life may not seem to make sense anymore, occasionally leaving one to feel alone in this transition.

I wanted to create a network within our SoulShine community that can inspire hope in others by listening and relating. The truth is we are never really alone but so often so many of us feel like we are. How wonderful would it be to know that you have a soul family standing behind you as you step into the wholeness of your higher self? I know I wouldn't be where I am without the ones who helped me.

Human connection is so powerful when used for a positive higher purpose. We are powerful beings. The name of this group was created because my hope for this group is to lead one another and watch each other emerge out of our challenges "the dark forests of our lives" and achieve whoever it is we are supposed to be.

This is a commentary monthly group talk. There is no specific topic of discussion, just a free flow conversation and group coaching. If you want to sit in and just listen you can or feel free to speak up ( you never know who you may help)

My ONLY RULE: SoulShine is a sacred place and whatever is said in group must ALWAYS stay in group. It takes courage to speak our truths and respecting others in that vulnerability is my most sacred rule.

**PLEASE NOTE** I am not a counselor, therapist, nor do I have any degree to diagnose or treat. If you are suffering from any medical issues please see a licensed medical professional**

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