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Readings with James

Symbols, signs and sound logic! Growing up invested in what the tangible world had to offer, logic and definitive means of solving problems seemed like the natural conclusion. Through his worldly education James began to realize the limits of what a formulaic approach to a limitless life held, he needed to expand his philosophy. In an effort to seek out answers and a deeper understanding James stumbled upon his first tarot deck; he thought little of it’s potential but set about studying the images, meanings, and system. Over the course of years the cards grew on him, in time they began to show James just how much they were capable of. It was a slow at first and then all at once. James was steeped in books and practices that seemed to contradict, or at least existed outside of, the world he had always relied upon. 

            Over the course of many months of exploration and questioning he came to the realization that these philosophies were not opposites at all. In fact, they were complimentary to each other in many ways! Overtime James began to see the benefits of this integrated approach in his life and began to offer readings and guidance to friends and loved ones. He found that his new approaches to life was not only beneficial for himself but for others who sought out help and guidance as well. James is thrilled to have found a calling that is able to aid and enrich the lives of others so directly; his primary goal is to offer a means of viewing life through new eyes and hopefully solving a problem (or two) and helping to learning more about ourselves along the way. James uses tarot as a holistic tool for self-reflection and evaluation, as well as a lens through which we can view life as a narrative with endless possibilities. Come and take the plunge with him!

            Spirituality (to many) may seem far detached from the land of empirical and quantitative data. Within mathematics there exists a symbol for the concept of infinity; this is particularly useful in a great many scenarios in which a solution may have no end. This symbolic reference to the concept of infinity is called a lemniscate and it predates its well-known mathematical usage. The lemniscate is meant to connote the idea of eternity, something that cannot be fathomed or envisioned in its entirety (just as the concept of nothingness is impossible to fully picture). Within a quintessentially logical practice sits an inherently philosophical (some might say spiritual) icon. 

            In bridging the gap between the schools of thought, where definable edges are blurred, the lemniscate is the perfect mediator. It is has seen and lived countless lives within and between the rational and mystic. This is at the heart of my practice and how I navigate the land of tarot. Come with belief, or not. Come with a curious mind or a hopeful soul. Come all who seek answers about themselves, the lives we lead, and what exists within and beyond our conscious perceptions.


Reading rates are determined by card number, $6 per card used. Standard reading spreads to choose from have a specific number of cards, larger spreads may equal slightly less than $6 per card which is a bonus for choosing a larger reading.

            While there are many spreads and reading options available, if none of the options feel right for you then we can design a custom reading. The rate of $6 per card will be remain the same and we can discuss your personal needs and what you would like from your reading in order to create the optimal experience!

            *occasionally I will pull an extra card or cards in a reading when it feels right or necessary, clients will (of course) not be charged more than their predetermined amount*


Fun Favorites *Greatest Value*


General Reading (7 cards for $40): a great option for those looking to know a little bit about a lot of things! This reading offers some insight into your current energies, love life, career, and social life; as well a speculative card offering a peek at what might be in store in next for you!


Chakra Overview (7 cards for $40): This is a great way to evaluate the various areas of yourself! 7 cards (one for each of the major chakras) highlight the current state of being in regards to self-worth, creativity, love and more. Within the reading we discuss strengths and high points as well as addressing areas of weakness and action you can take to become the best version of yourself!


Head to Toe (7 cards for $40): In a spread that resembles the human body we break down a diagnostic of areas like the past (as it affects the present), your emotional essence, core personality and more for the purposes of better understanding yourself and what makes you, you!


The Celtic Cross (10 card for $55): A great spread for those who are looking to unpack or have a specific question answered (or those who are looking for insight into something more specific). We deconstruct the question or inquiry in a way that makes all aspects feel digestible and easy to understand. This is meant to show things as they are and to forecast where they are likely to go.


The Seashell (12 cards for $70): An expanded form of the general reading that takes into account your personality, your upbringing, forces of life that are impacting you, as well as your past, present and future. Ideal for those looking for a general reading that goes deeper.


The Lemniscate “Infinity Spread” (12 cards for $70): This comprehensive spread can be used for specific inquires such as love life, career, etc. or as a general life overview. The twelve card positions deconstruct elements such as the past, present, obstacles, hopes and fear (and much more). This is for someone looking to really understand the heart of a topic or themselves and who is interested in knowing all of the factors and forces at play for themselves.




*Custom readings are available; do not feel limited to the options above. Likewise, if you have a budget you would like to remain within, we can work to devise a reading option that will satisfy your needs within your budget. For example, a three card ($18) spread for looking into a specific issue is sometimes great and just what you might need. I have many options that range from even one card reading ($6), do not hesitate to inquire! *

Walk ins Welcome, appointments preferred. Call 732 361 8976 for appointments

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