Donna Frassetti

“I had the pleasure of having Courtney come to my bachelorette party to teach a workshop on crystals and the chakras! She provided each guest with a handout that outlined the information she shared along with a useful quiz that allowed each person to determine which chakras are out of balance. Courtney did an excellent job of making a rather complicated and in-depth subject accessible to all! She made the workshop extra special by having a chakra crystal set available for purchase. All of my guests loved receiving their new crystals from SoulShine, especially after being equipped with the knowledge of how to use them! After she spoke to the group and answered questions, she made herself available to anybody that wanted to approach her and discuss anything further. Because of Courtney, even my most skeptical of friends are now asking to go to SoulShine with me! I highly recommend Courtney and her workshops! She is beautiful, knowledgeable, down to earth, and such a light to be around!”

Terri S. Blair

When I first came to SoulShine I was charmed by the interior of the store. From the outside I could clearly see bright and fascinating crystals, an abundance of colors, and a wide variety of items to choose from, but once I stepped inside I learned there was a true sense of kindness and community. SoulShine provided an immediate feeling as if I were right at home. I started to feel that this is a place where I can fit in and belong. I really like the combination of honesty, open mindedness, and creativity. I find SoulShine to be delightful and meaningful. I would recommend SoulShine to those who are seeking experiences towards self awareness, physical, and emotional well being, in an environment of beauty and compassion.


Susan Gerber

I first came to SoulShine because someone recommended that I purchase a tiger eye for protection. Little did I know the day I walked through the door it was like walking into the emerald city. I was hooked, if I don’t stop by on a weekly basis, I don’t feel right. SoulShine helped me by providing salvation. It’s not just SoulShine, it’s the owner Courtney. Her gentle & kind words along with her soul is a treasure chest full or precious jewels. She has helped me gain a better understanding of myself, crystals, & the spiritual side of life. I love everything. The books, pendulums, crystals, oils, the jewelry, & last but not least, Courtney. I find SoulShine to be exhilarating, lovely, and scintillating. I would recommend anyone seeking calmness, love, peace, kindness, friends, community, a sense of belonging. The best take away is that I found a beautiful friend in Courtney and the SoulShine Community.