your healing awaits


Andreas rebmann, lmt

I am so glad you have made it here. Since 2004 as a licensed massage therapist I have been changing the way people feel not only physically but spiritually. I work with individuals who enjoy massage therapy as a part of their self care routine and also clients struggling with deeper challenges such as neuromuscular disorder, atomic nervous system disorders due to trauma, and clients in need of polarity chakra balancing.

What separates me from other therapist? I have had experience in high end spa’s and for me it felt more about a timed schedule rather than providing the proper service the client needed. The experience I provide is what makes me one of the best practitioners at what I do in the area and because of this I believe it is necessary to schedule 90 minute - 120 minute massage. This allows me to dive deep into my healing treatment with you and fully deliver what your physical and spiritual self needs. However, I will make myself available for a 60 minute service if necessary.

Being a musician, the music that is listened to during your treatment allows me to transcend your spiritual body to frequencies that provide maximum healing. After your session has come to a close I hope I have provided you with therapeutic bodywork that nurtures your physical body, clearing and grounding for your spiritual body and promoted feelings of deep relaxation and self healing.