November 2018 -  After driving past this place multiple times I finally decided to come in. I wish I had gone in sooner! This place is absolutely beautiful. They have a wide variety of stones and some really beautiful pieces. The staff was incredibly friendly and the owner was also there and did not hesitate to introduce herself. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and offered me some really great advice. The prices at this store are great too. The owner, Courtney, definitely takes pride in what she does and it shows. Thanks for everything! I will definitely be back! - Jimmy Ruppert

March 2018 - We were meant to be at this store today. Great energy & so many treasures to check out. Courtney is amazing. Rick is still not sure what to make of his visit but it affected him the right way. On our way home he told me when he went to church that he asked for a sign that everything was going to be ok , it was answered before we came to see you guys but he didn’t believe it. So when we met the lady who came in , that was his second sign so his prayer was answered. Thank you for your kind words and support , we needed this today. - Susie Bayous

February 2018 - I absolutely loved my experience in this shop. The moment I walked in, I felt welcome. I've been to lots of shops that feel like museums or jewelry stores, where you can't pick up a single thing without a 10 minute dissertation. Not the case here! I was encouraged to look around and handle as many crystals as I wanted. This is huge for me, as I like to let intuition be the guide. In addition to the great service and atmosphere, I was impressed with the quality and selection of raw stones. I love that the owner shares the same intuitive approach and hand selects her inventory. - Lucas Mosley

July 2017 - Soul Shine is truly a peaceful and delightful haven. As soon as you walk up to Soul Shine your senses are awakened and your spirits lifted. The owner Courtney is incredible. I will visit time and time again to linger and enjoy her botanical "heaven". - Carolyn Cirello