Kierr Gluck Photography

Kierr Gluck Photography


Soulshine is more then just a place to purchase crystals from, it's an enchanted experience and for most a second home. SoulShine is a place where you feel you can belong.  A place for our soul family to gather in laughter.  The one place you will always be surrounded by those who love and inspire you.  

Soulshine's foundation was built on trust, faith and divine guidance.  In 2015, I was having my own personal struggles. I had turned my life upside down and had either lost or let go of a life I had known for 10 years.  After feeling lost and as if all hope was gone, I finally realized that I did not love the person I was becoming.  In  January 2016, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to become better. I had found Deb and Bea from and they helped me open the door that was closed off to my faith.  After my private retreat I had discovered self healing tools and techniques such as, oracle cards, affirmation cards, vibrational/sound healing, energy healing, crystals, and surrendering myself to my higher power was exactly what resonated with me and aided me in climbing out of my own darkness. For the next 8 months I quit working ( I was fortunate enough to have that opportunity), sold my house, moved into my parents home,  went back to school, focused on my children and rebuilding my life.  I had made important self discoveries through traveling regions of the country and internationally.  In August of 2016, the idea of SoulShine came into my mind and going forward I just followed what I was divinely being guided to do.  SoulShine is growing and thriving because of its supportive community and my undeniable love for this company and its community.  I want people to know that there are far greater ways to heal ourselves than just depending on what modern medicine offers. I have a deep passion for helping others find their path of authenticity. If Soulshine and myself can be just a small stepping stone to help someone else achieve their own greatness, then I have done and will continue on doing what I have come here to do.

A forever thank you to my husband, Tim.  You have always encouraged me to find my light even in my darkest days. You are my super hero.

In addition, special thanks to my children, Aiden & Ryan, you are my greatest teachers. Thank you to my incredible mentor and life coach- Bailey Frumen (Life Coach & Author of, Own Your Power), all the incredible minds that have poured hours and hours of brainstorming into SoulShine’s greatness and growth, & last but not least my parents.  You have all supported me in growing SoulShine and helped guide me out of my own way, without each of you, life wouldn't be so sweet.

Light & Love - C xoxo