Are you ready to raise your frequency?


This intimate session may bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment through intention and the powerful vibrations of the singing bowls. Embrace your session as a wonderful adventure exploring your personal energies and aura as you allow the beautiful sounds and vibrations to wash through you bringing deep peace and inner balance.

Quartz crystal singing bowls enhance meditation, intuition, relaxation and bodywork. They are powerful for music therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places.

our group Classes(see on our event page for dates)- starts out with a mini angel card reading, essential oil application, 40 min + of sound healing w/ soft music, closing the session up with energy healing and sage clearing.

Private Group (2 or more) $40 per person

Individual Sessions

One hour of luxurious sound bathing.  Essential Oils & Crystals are used during this mediation unless declined.  Sage will be used  to cleanse your aura after the session.

  • Private - $75