client testamonials

Brianna DeAmicis

I approached life coaching with Courtney because one day while in SoulShine conversing together, I truly felt my life was at a stand still. I was looking for help and Courtney’s contagious, positive energy lifted me, and I instantly felt at ease and hopeful. Before I met Courtney my life felt shattered. I was lacking direction and motivation. Since we have been working together, I feel like my life has taken a turn for the better. I am now excited for what comes next and I have guidance on how to get there. I have found my experience to be truly empowering. I have a sense of enlightenment and feel that this has been my saving grace. I would recommend Courtney a thousand times over! Courtney is the help you need! A client can feel Courtney’s ability from day one.

Kat Stafford

I wanted to gain insight and coaching on my career path. I knew Courtney would be a great coach because of talking with her at the store- in a more casual way- she’s always provided great advice/insight. Before I met Courtney, my life was status-quo and now it’s more vibrant as I focus on my career goals and specific ways to achieve them. Since working with Courtney, my life is on track for making my career aspirations a reality. It’s through working with Courtney that I am inspired and motivated to make the necessary changes in my life to achieve the goals that I set for myself. I found the experience to be very helpful and insightful- it was a great to have bi-weekly phone calls & check-ins, keeping me on track and focused. I’d always look forward to them. I’d recommend life coaching with Courtney because she is empathetic, compassionate and driven. She keeps you on task in achieving incremental goals as you work towards your main/big goals. I learned a lot from working with Courtney and will continue to implement those learnings in my daily life. I highly recommend Courtney as your life coach.

Kate Kret

I have always perceived Courtney as someone who is able to manifest a life of greatness and quickly. I have watched her business grow rapidly when it seemed almost impossible and because of this I wanted to learn from her. I sought out life coaching with her because I wanted to gain confidence in my business and myself. I needed someone who was going to be honest and motivate me when fear or lack of motivation stood on my path. Courtney has been that for me. Before I began life coaching one of my obstacles was failure to progress because of fear. With Courtney, I had discovered that I had not a fear of failure but, success. I was worried about how others would view me because of my success, so I avoided growing my business and developed unhealthy habits because of it. Life Coaching has added light to my life. I have rebranded and redefined my company. I am able to harness my self confidence that is needed to build my company. I have found my experience with Courtney to be life changing. I can now face roadblocks that I once feared with confidence. Without hesitation, I would recommend Courtney for life coaching. I think even if your life is going really well, Courtney can still be an asset to your life. She can help you with what’s next or help you find balance that you may not even know you needed. Courtney truly works hard with you so you can explore, discover and share your gifts with the world.